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Magurta Marta SL Rotor Compatibility

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i was wondering if the bb7 caliper would work with a magura marta SL rotor
i was on a frame builders web site and it appears that he used the marta rotors with bb7's

i thought this rotor only worked with magura marta, i mean it says, marta SL only, so if somebody could shed some light on my little situation it would be greatly appreciated

heres the link
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That "for marta only" is for maugra brakes.
You shouldnt use the marta rotors on lets say a Julie brake.

I believe the 160 mm marta rotors will work on BB7s. Although, I would get the SL drilled rotors instead. They are a tad heavier, but have a wider brake track and cool better. As a bonus, they are cheaper! The Magura rotors are 2.0 mm usually. The avids are like 1.8mm. With BB7, the pad space can be tweaked a bit.

Keep something in mind here. Avid rotors and calipers go 160, 185 203.
Magura go 160, 180, 200.

So, you can use the 160 mm marta rotors, but the other sizes probably will not work.
ya your right they are cheap, i was on amazon today and saw the 160's listed for close to $20

i forget what thread this was in, but there was German MTB article comparing brakes and one of the brakes being compared was the Marta, it listed the rotor sizes as 160, 180, and 200, i thought it was just a german thing :winker:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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