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Magura Odur servicing

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From the Magura service manual
We recommend cleaning your fork on a regular basis. Use water, mild soap and a brush. Do not use a power washer as water may
be forced through the seals, destroying them, the internals, bushings and stanchions.
Check monthly below the dust scrapers and clean if necessary. Remove
the dust scraper carefully with a screw driver blade, clean the
space below the scraper and install it again with certain pressure.
Simple maintenance

The oil marks on the stanchions of my second hand Magura Odur have disappeared, and the fork has become noisy.

Can the dust scrapers be removed without taking the fork to bits, and then oil added into the foam? The service manual below shows oil going in at the bottom of the legs.

Basic maintenance

2009 service guide here but it's in French and the Odur isn't mentioned

The manual lists Suspensionblood Type 5 which assuming part number is constant (code: 0731 121) is ISOVG 100 / SAE 40 ( ) / Suspension Blood type 5 (for lubricating oil under leg and air chamber, Order No. 0731121)

What ISOVG 100 / SAE 40 oil could be used other than buying the suspension blood 5?

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magura website

I would try posting the above on the website forum,
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