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Hi gang. I know this thread has been done before, but it's been a while and I can't seem to find a thread that's recent enough to look at the most recent incarnations of these brakes. I want to get a comparison between the newest Magura setup - the white/red mag combo with storm rotors, & the newest Avid setup, with the G3 rotors.
I am about to buys brakes and these two are on my shortlist. They are for an XC Ti hardtail running SIDS up front. Weight not a huge issue, as the bike will be light as is (singlespeed). I can get the Avids with 160 or 185 rotors for about US$290, and have been offered a nice price of $400 for the Martas with 160 storm rotors.
I was hoping to get some real life update on how people have been going on these brakes, and even better, if anyone can directly compare the two.
A further issue for me is, as being in Australia, I am a little concerned about availability of parts/service for the Martas.
What say you wise riders?

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The Marta SL Mag brake is clearly in a class above and beyond the Avid Elixir CR Mag.

Consider this. If you do alot of downhill bomb runs, you may have an issue with overheating warpage using Mag calipers.

I've had both. I never liked the Avids.

The Marta is going to have more power hands down, less issues, a better feel, longer lasting pads and IMO, they look gorgeous!

You can order parts for Magura brakes from amny, many sources online or directly from Magura. I am sure that plenty of suppliers ship to your country.

The Martas cost more but in this case, you definately get what you pay for!

Why not consider the regular Marta SLs with Storm SL rotors?
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