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I just got a new set of 2009 magura marta brakes

I downloaded the instructions from magura on shortening the brake line. However I now have an issue:

All the steps went well, however on step 7. of "shorten the hose" (see pic) the olive just slides off the hose and won't stay in the housing when I screw the sleeve nut back on.

sleeve nut is on, new insert is in the hose, and it looks exactly like the picture in step 7.

Should I try and hammer the insert deeper? Does the insert need to be buried in the hose so that the olive won't slide off?Any advice would be appreciated.




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Don't hammer anything!! :nono:
It's perfectly normal for the newly installed olive to slide off the end of the hose - it hasn't been crimped yet.
Make sure that the brass insert is pushed firmly all the way into the hose as per the pic. The flared end of the insert stops against the end of the hose. There is no need to push the insert any further.
Next, insert the hose into the lever as far as it will go and tighten up the sleeve nut to the correct torque - don't over tighten it, you could crack the lever housing! :madman:
The olive will now be crimped onto the hose and the system will be sealed up.

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Yeah, pretty much what DGB advises, but with a minor nuance:

The insert only needs to be tapped in so that the shoulder underneath sits flush onto the hose.

Don't worry about the olive sliding off - the lever has a tapered hole, a few millimeters deep, that's just wide enough to accomodate the diameter of the hose, then widens slightly to accomodate the olive.

When you screw in the sleeve nut the olive will be compressed onto the hose at the correct position.

Before doing that, just double check that you've got the plastic sleeve nut cover orientated correctly onto the hose.

Lightly grease the sleeve nut threads. Insert the hose into the lever and make sure that it bottoms out.

Screw in the sleeve nut with one hand whilst simultaneously pushing the hose inwards with the other.

Tighten with an open spanner (wrench) or small adjustable till it is hand tight, then upto 3/4 of a turn more.

Compare it with the other lever if you feel unsure (note how much thread is still showing).

Test your handiwork by pulling the hose outwards hard. If there is no movement, then it's good to go.

Proceed to the bleed procedure if required.
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