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Part 1 was basically finding out that I could use my less expensive adapter #2682 and a off the shelf 225mm Hope rotor and use my Gustavs at the first race of the year. The pad alignment is not perfect but it works. FYI, Magura makes a special $150 usd adapter to mount a Gustav caliper to the Fox 40 fork and uses a 210mm rotor. That's right, One Hundred and fifty dollars. But at the time I needed that adapter, they were sold out so I had no choice but to improvise.

NOTE: When you buy brand new brakes from Magura, you can order the Fox40 kit and the cost of the adpater is included in the kit so there are no worries. But if you buy a new fork or move your gustav brakes to a new bike, maybe this thread will help you get your Gustavs running on the new fox40 for less money.

This is Part 2. Hope (the brake company) will make its customers custom sized rotors at no additional charge. So keeping this in mind all along, I used the 225 rotor long enough to make wear marks on the brake pad. This allows me to see exactly how the pads are sitting on the rotor. As you can see in the pics, the wear pattern is alittle off axis. Meaning that the arch of the rotor is not sitting evenly across the rectangle shaped brake pad. At its highest point, the rotor is exactly 3mm short of 100% coverage of the brake pad. To fix this, I'm going to have Hope make a 231mm rotor. That will give me the additional 3mm on each side of the axle. I checked inside the caliper to see if I have room to accommodate a 3mm taller rotor and YES, there is plenty of room.

Part 3. Installation of new rotor. Stay tuned.

The Hope Mono 225mm rotor.

The misalignment

In this shot, you can see a sliver of the inner brake pad in relation to the rotor. The 231mm should fit nice.

helpful numbers:
Hope Technology USA Inc.
10530 Suite 200
Commerce Row
TX 77356
Phone: +1 936 582 2411
Fax: +1 936 582 2413
Email: [email protected]

Magura USA
1902 Miller Drive
Olney, IL 62450
800.448.3876 - p
618.395.4711 - f

general email: [email protected]
tech support: [email protected]
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