Magura teases their new wireless electronic dropper post, which is set to be released early next year and shows off the MT7 Race brake.

Video: Magura MT7 Race Brake and Vyron Dropper Post

Magura paired up USA Tech Rep Jude Monica and the Miserable Champion Shawm Palmer to introduce their retro colored MT7 Race brake and revolutionary new electronic dropper post.

Lightweight introduces a 60mm version of their popular 80mm Fernweg aero wheelset, plus new limited edition products.

Video: Lightweight Fernweg and Urgestalt Bike

Lightweight Marketing Manager Oliver Kiesel showcases the new Fernweg 60mm and a sexy new limited edition full disc aero wheel.

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Former World Champion Shawn Palmer was on hand at the Magura Booth to give out hand fives and discuss the new Magura MT7 Race Line. The brake harkens back to Napalms glory days with it's retro color scheme, but it's use of a carbon master cylinder makes it one of the lightest and most advanced four pot brakes on the market.

In addition to new brakes, Magura was teasing it's new electronic actuated dropper post which is set to be released early next year. The 150mm post has enough battery capacity for four hundred activations per charge, and a full charge cycle takes roughly three hours. A 3D accelerometer is integrated to the post and will shut the post off to conserve battery life if it determines the bike is sitting idle.

When you reach the limit of the battery, the post enters a safe mode, which disables the lever and forces you to actuate the post via a button located just under the saddle. This forces you to be contentious about each time you activate the post, since the safe mode only has sufficient charge for 20 more adjustments. Charging is done via a Micro USB and communication between the wireless remote and post is done via ANT+ technology.

With it's proven expertise in hydraulics and development of a successful electronic suspension system, Magura background is uniquely well suited for this project, and the reception has been overwhelming. We can't wait to get one of these new electronic dropper posts in for evaluation next year.


Due to the popularity of the 80mm Fernweg wheelset, Lightweight is now launching a new 60mm version, that will be available as either a tubular or clincher. Weight for the tubular is 625g and the clincher comes in at 710g. Lightweight claims the weight is great for aero bikes or triathletes in cross winds, especially when riding in the extensions.

The brand was also showcasing a Schwartz edition of their Full Disc TT/Tri wheel, that has been ridden by multiple (unsponsored!) teams in Pro Tours. This black on black limited edition has large but subdued graphics, ceramic bearings, and weighs 790g.

They've also teamed up with Urgestalt to create a Lightweight Edition road frame that is intended to compliment the characteristics of their wheelsets.

Gallery: Magura MT7 Race Brake, Vyron Dropper Post and Lightweight Road Wheels

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