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Ok, this has been beaten to death on the SS forum, but for 26" bikes.

By chance I found out that on my '2002 Km, the slightly used 16t DX cog and the slightly used 36t TA ring, together with a fresh chain almost produced perfect chain tension. A whole new 36x16t drivetrain might actually work. I just gave the Tuggnuts a few turns to make it as tight as I normally run it (too tight probably).
Getting the chain on and off isn't going to be easy with the horizontal dropouts (let's agree on "horouts" or "hori's"?) , but that's what I always do with my *cough* 26" Banshee, because that rear wheel is a pain to get off as well. Just carefully use your hands as a front derailer, and the gearie chain will find it's way on and off the chainring.

So who's found other magical gears on stock 29" frames? Maybe a KM with Monkey Nuts, or a Fisher?
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