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Has anyone found the magic gear (no chain tensioner) for the newer versions of the Giant XTC 29er, specifically the 2016 model?

I've been running a 32t chaining with a 10 speed 11/40 out back for quite a while, but had some much fun racing SS CX this year that I wanted to try it on my hardtail. I have a 17t and 18t cog, and neither of them will work without a half link. Ideally I'd like to continue running my narrow wide chainring, but it doesn't play nice with half links.

I wouldn't want to go any smaller than 17t, and any bigger than 20t without changing my chainring.

Here it is as 32x17 with the Surly tensioner. This frame's asymmetrical chain stays are making it pretty tough to find that perfect chain line! IMG_3143.jpg
EDIT: fixed model year
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