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Mag 30's vs. 321 rims ?

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I have a VP Free that I am in the process of building up for Northstar. It will be used primarily @ Norhstar and occasional rougher local trail rides. Most reviews for the Mag's say heavy, 321's stong but still burly. I currently have Bombshell rims that didn't last hold up so well last season. Which way to go & why ? Thanx
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no questions about it.......tubeless mavic 823's
I'll say D321 cus they r extremely strong and won't let u down..
but if u gonna run 24" in the back u'll need Mag's (no 24" on 321)
anyway both r very strong rims.
mag 30's are pretty much bulletproof.
no questions about it.......tubeless mavic 823's
Except for the question about why everyone I know including myself can't keep a tubeless tire in one piece at northstar for more than a day. :rolleyes:

Mags are a little heavier but not by much, like grams worth. Based on what I've seen on my bike and friend's bikes, the mavics seem to hold together a little better. I build my wheels with straight gauge DT swiss 2.0 spokes on 321/721s on the bike I ride at northstar (every weekend) and have only killed one wheel (cased a decent sized drop, not at northstar). I've seen the nipple holes crack on the Mags pretty consistently. You can definitely build a good wheelset out of either though. Tire pressure is more important at that place than deciding between these two pretty decent rims in my opinion.
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