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Hi Fellow Pivot Lovers,

Been having an annoying issue with my otherwise awesome new 5.7c medium, I am running 3x10 XTR (I know there's the problem your thinking lol) with an XTR front mech and I cant for the life of me eliminate the cage rubbing on the chain when im on the small rear (11) and middle front. It appears to be rubbing on the under side of the cage when im peddling hard and not the side of the cage, seems weird to me that I cant adjust this away.

I have tried height adjustment and lots of cable tension tweaking but I can not get this to stop. Does anyone have any idea's as I would really think this should not occur on the middle ring but please correct me if I am wrong.

Crank 3x10 XTR FC-M980
Front Mech FC-M981 (with the cable bolt facing out away from the drive train, after reading some other posts is this the issue and do I need the top pull only west facing bolt one? could only be a 2x10 only issue there though)

Cheers Chris
Perth West Australia
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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