Mace, a Vancouver BC based cycling and lifestyle company is charging ahead with new clothing, new protective gear, new team members and a new online dealer in the USA. With all this "new" the Canadian brand is looking forward to a strong 2010 season.


Mace has gained a unique angle within the cycling industry by creating casually styled clothing made with highly-technical fabrics. It's not everywhere that you find wicking bamboo charcoal in jersey's or Anti-UV treatments, 4-Way Stretch Fabrics and DWR coatings in shorts. When was the last time you had a pair of shorts you could wear on any ride or just hanging out with friends at a pub or beach and not look out of place doing either?

For people that live a cycling lifestyle, the clothing has been designed with on and off bike use in mind. "Imagine shorts that won't take on a stain: whether dirt, beer, coffee or grease they come clean. We wanted to create riding shorts that look as good on a bike as they do around town; half of our staff spends a healthy portion of their daily life in Mace shorts." Said Roy Williams, Mace Product Developer. "Besides the technical additions we've also made it easier for people to buy our clothing in the US" added Williams.

Mace is now available online in the USA. In the past their gear could be found in places as far off as Russia and the UK, but remained elusive in all but a few select shops in the United States. When it came time to expand their presence state side in WA got on board to help spread the good word and gear.

This partnership marks an exciting opportunity for Mace to reach a larger audience of cycling enthusiasts in all corners of the USA. "It was a natural step for us to take," Stated Williams. "With consumers finding more of their gear from online sources it was an excellent solution for the problem we faced, of how to reach more American consumers while staying true to our core principal of supporting the independent bicycle dealer," added Williams.

The Mace team riders have always been key in product development and this season they add two new riders to their roster. BMX riders Ben Kaufmann and James Van De Kamp have joined Ryan Leech, Dylan Korba and Jay Hoots, bringing even more style to this established team of riders and this exciting brand.

About Mace

Mace is a rider-driven company. You've probably heard or seen this before and wondered, "What does that mean?" Well, our gear is designed, tested and then redesigned by riders who care - touching, I know. It's not race gear, it's stuff that looks splendid, works spectacularly and won't give up. We strive to bring you gear that is environmentally and socially responsible and innovative. So, enjoy it as much as you like because that is what riding is all about: enjoyment, you know, when you're having so much fun you just can't help but smile.

source: Cadeyrn Craig
Parts and Accessories PR and Marketing Coordinator
Norco Products LTD.