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Mace Gurka

Weight:1226 grams Size L/XL 59-63cm
Materials:Fiberglass Shell
Safety Ratings:CPSC
Strap StyleD-Ring
Extra Padding for Custom Fit:No - IT would greatly benefit from some extra fit padding.
Fully Removable Liner:Yes - Easy to remove and re-insert
Liner Held In Place How:Metal buttons and hard plastic tucked between EPS liners and shell

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The Mace Gurka helmet is designed to be extremely safe for extreme DH without the weight penalty of a DOT or Snell rating, and the price tag of a fancy carbon helmet. The helmet has a bit larger of a profile, more in line with a DOT helmet. The helmet uses the same universal form as Bell and Giro with a thin padding liner.

The helmet has no venting except a front vent in the chin guard. This is to obtain a maximum safety to weight ratio. The helmet does only meet the CPSC safety standards, which are very robust, but every helmet sold in the US must meet this standard. With this Mace helmet, the solid and thick EPS shell, from top to side to back and front, allows a manufacturer to create an EPS liner with a lower g rating. Basically softer density EPS shell. This will help save your brain from internal damage in a crash. I have not seen the test result numbers for the Mace Gurka EPS liner so I don't know if that is the case here, but it could be.

The visor has about an average range of movement and was never in the way when riding. The visor adjust screw is very easy to use, and the side screws have a low profile and shouldn't catch on anything in a crash.

The construction quality of the helmet is very good. The only thing I found to be of issue is that the plastic piece on the chin guard, the very front vent holder, wasn't completely seated correctly. FIxed that issue and it is good to go.

The inside of the chin guard is padded with some soft material that feels like it has some jell in it. Similar to what you find on some XC gloves. Actually very soft and comforting.

With Helmet On:

The Gurka has a bit of a tighter fit at the front and back of the top of the head. It fits rather differently than the the D2, Evolution, Kali, Dainese, or O'Neal. There is a lot of room along the sides that give the helmet a fair bit more side to side play that others. This for me, with my short hair doesn't really work. But remember Jay Hoots, with his mass of dreads is a Mace rider, so, anyone with a large volume of hair should try on a Gurka.

The Gurka allows for plenty of ear room and I never had an issue with getting earphone in or adjusted while inside the helmet.

The padded liner is very thin, but not uncomfertable, and has gaps around the face that will let air in while you are flowing down the mountain. Otherwise there are no vents and this helmet can get warmer than others.

The cheek pads start at about temple height and run down to about the middle of the cheek. The padding is a bit thicker than the D2, D-Raptor, or Evolution so it can handle a good side swipe.

The helmet meets and/or exceeds the 105 degrees of peripheral vision standard laid out in the CSPC standard and there is plenty of room for large goggles.

The Gurka fit lower on the back of the head and settles a bit below the jaw bone offering solid protection completely around the head.


The padded liner is easy to fully remove and clean. The cheek pads are held in with metal snaps and the rest of the liner is held in with a hard peice of plastic pinched between the EPS liner and the shell. Similar to the SixSixOne Evolution I found it easier to get the hard plastic back in place if not pushing it straight in but rather at an angle.

Fits Similar To:

The Gurka has a bit of a unique fit to the other helmets. It definitely feels rounder than oval D2 with lots of space on the side of the head and a bit tight at the front top of the forehead and top back of the head. (this seems to run on, can u separate) This thing will probably fit great if the D2, Evolution, D-Raptor or O'Neal feel like they are pinching the side of your head. The Gurka fits at most, similar to the Aatma but that gives a bit more room at the front top and back top of the head.


Large goggles fit just fine so one shouldn't have any issues with goggles.

Leatte Brace:

Coming soon….

Value Rating:

The Gurka is a good value. It offers a extremely high degree of protection with a thick and solid EPS liner and shell at a reasonable weight and fair price.

Overall Rating:

It is hard to give a helmet with no vents a great overall rating. I'm just not fully sold on a no-vent helmet. The Kali Protectives Aatma has vents and is DOT certified, a higher rating than the CPSC of the Gurka, though, you are going to pay twice as much. If the no vents isn't a issue for you, and you are on a budget but really do want to protect your brain as best as possible, than you should absolutely consider the Gurka.

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