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I am going to be in the Boston/Cape area the first two weeks in July and I am planning on bringing my bike along with me. Any suggestions on some good places to go with some single track, some climbs and some technical riding. I have ridden through the park in Carlisle, MA but was looking for some other areas...any places in New Hampshire, Vermont, or Maine? I just got back from riding in Moab, Fruita and Grand Junction and it would be cool if there were some areas similar around.
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I can't speak of anything similar to Moab as I've never ridden there but south of Boston there is Otis in Bourne. Nice flowing singletrack with enough tech to keep you honest. North there is Lynn woods and Harold Parker. Both have some great technical singletrack and Lynn is also a FR playground.v Further into NH and beyond the options are endless.
Plenty of riding in the North Conway area and Kingdom Trails in VT. I can't speak for Maine as I've only been to Sunday River for DHing
Post this over in the NH VT ME forum to find out more up North.
For Boston and the Cape head out to Vietnam in Milford Ma and I 2nd Otis. Lynn Woods or Thompson Reservation in Glocester I believe it would be,
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