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Hey Gang, just signed up to the forum after a 20 year absence from mountain biking. I used to race back in the day all around New England, places like Lynn Woods, Mt. Snow, Greasy Wheel in VT, etc. Met some super cool amazing people along the way. Just got my "sheet" together lately and got back into it a bit with a purchase of a Salsa Bucksaw fatbike in February 2019 (bought used for $2100).

I love the fat bike on the snow-covered trails with about 6 psi in the tires. I'm still riding it now (because it's my only bike) on the muddy soggy trails we have this spring with 9 psi in the tires and it's wicked fun. Suspension was set up by Aaron at Fritz' in Worcester, MA. He is an awesome guy, totally into the sport and I highly recommend him.

Anyway, I babbled long enough. Glad to be here and hope to meet some riding buddies. Rock on!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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