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M952 grouppo-Upgrade or keep?

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So, after many years of sitting there in the garage, my old Kona Hot is being reborn. To many work trips and deployments have kept it on the wall.

Bottom line- I LOVE this bike. It is tight in the corners, stable at speed, climbs like a billy goat with its ass on fire--frame has been refinished. Has a new Fox fork waiting for it, still running Vbrakes on my Mavic Crossmax ceramc wheels.

So the question: The XTR grouppo was the best at the time, still in great shape, running a 3x8, with Gore cables. Can anyone think of a reason to upgrade the grouppo or any part of it? Besides that it is not sexy like some of the CF stuff out there. I have the money, but no real reason besides that it is old.

What would you guys do?

If I dont, I will be building a SS 29er with the money. Happy New Year everyone!
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Your question is more complicated than whether or not to upgrade your 952 3X set up. IMO XTR 952 has proven performance and durability and and with no issues I would continue to ride it, but it sounds like your wanting to upgrade and build a SS 29'r, which can't be compared to a geared 26". If you were thinking of building the Kona for SS the 952 and a spiderless SS ring would be a excellent set up.
In my humble opinion, the XTR 950/952 grouppo was one of Shimano's best. Run it.
Pisgah said:
In my humble opinion, the XTR 950/952 grouppo was one of Shimano's best. Run it.
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