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M6 Bearing replacement

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I'm thinking my M6 is due for some new bearings. So the question is, how do you do this right? I don't want to be going ghetto on this in any way. My understanding is that the bike came with 6001 bearings. From what I can tell, 7001 is the same size but in an angular contact bearing. Is there any reason not to use 7001? What tools do I use to get the bearings in/out? I know mist people are using a bolt and washers, but is tere a more precise method than that?
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maybe rick or Jeff will chime in. I would like to know as well. I always used the caveman method in the past, I would like to know what they use in house.
how many times have you done it so far? I think you've had your M6 a bit longer than I've had mine. I'm thinking this is a regular maintenance item and I don't want to risk hurtung the rear triangle if a bearing starts to go in crooked.
i wish that they would hurry up and start selling the purgable bearing upgrade kit. that would solve the problem of removing the bearings once a year. where is it? i've got a trial set on my wife's 5.5 and they work nice. the only change i will do is intall threaded zerks which i have now, but i don't have the time yet to install.
as to your original post. i tap out one side bearing enough to get in a bearing slide style internal bearing puller. enduro sells one but you can find the same one much cheaper online or on ebay. as for install i use threaded rod, a socket , washers and some nuts. you can install them square that way quite easily for an idea what you would need to do a homemad version
thanks for the links

anyone have any ideas re 6001 vs. 7001?
7001 bearings are used on all the new VPP2 bikes so I cant see why you should have any problem using them on your M6. Just remember that the 7001 bearings that Intense would supply are open on one side so they will work with the grease ports.
The more I look at the bike, I think it may just be the bushings in my CCDB that I feel being loose. I'm still planning to be ready with bearings anyway though.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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