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My S-Works Stumpjumper was in need of some new key parts and at the same time I never really cared for the stock yellow paint job. It was also getting fairly beat up so I figured a repaint along the components would be a cool way to refresh the bike, I'll use this thread to document the progress, ask some questions and maybe answer some if I can.

The plan is to go from yellow to black (probably powdercoat) with white graphics. New components will be a 2010 XTR crankset, 2010 Magura Menja XC fork, and a new headset (not decided on this one yet).

Here is the bike this fall with a nice layer of mud, pretty much how it came from the factory.

This is kinda what I'm going for.

This is the frame after a few coats and hour or two of work with Klean Strip. Pretty basic stuff really, but you definitely want chemical resistant gloves, some kind of eye protection, and some decent ventilation (though fumes were pretty much non-existent. 3M abrasive pads were used pretty much the whole way. We tried various sized and shaped scrappers but none of them got in contact with the round shape of the tubes to be very useful, the pads where 100x more effective.

After a few more applications just about done, just a bit of paint hiding out in the welds and tight spots.

Next step will be the powdercoat and the decals, I'll be updating as I go.
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