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M1 ISCG confusion

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Hey all, I have a 2003 M1 that I bought used (so i'm still a bit unfamiliar with it)
I'm looking to get an e13 SRS+ guide.

I'm having a hard time finding out what I need for this to work.
I currently have a Truvativ Boxguide which I believe is ISCG, which lead me to believe that I should get the ISCG SRS, rather than the ISCG 05.

After looking at E13's site though, and seeing the dimensions of both ISCG and ISCG 05 holes, it seems the holes on my frame don't match either. I have also heard of an adaptor plate specifically for the M1, but have been unable to find any further information on it.

Also I'm going to throw this in here: Does anyone know where I can get some derailleur hangers? I've broken all of my spares, and am currently running on the older seat-stay with a non-removable hanger.
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Non iscg truvative box guide works also on the m1. My late 02 i got inpatient with the shop and pulled one out of the case and works just fine.
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