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lyrik solo air on moment

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anyone rockin one of these on a moment? How bout a review. Thanks:D
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No one will answer you. On a warranty card it's stated that Moment should be run on a fork 150mm max. So, running it on a Lyrik may BOO! void the warranty. It seems warranty issues scare the hell out of everyone on this forum :)
warranties? Issues?

In a couple of days, I'll show you what happens when a Rogue meet a Moment and vice-versa...:thumbsup:


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Is it correct to use less travel on a Rogue??? Does that void the warranty??? Questions... questions...

Sorry @ toHELLuRIDE for the hijack... I could'nt resist!
I tried a Lyrik on my Moment. I found it to be a little too tall at 160mm for climbing. I have an '05, small. A larger size my be ok. 150, 155 seems to be about the best height for all around riding.
Lyrik + Moment = Great!

I've been using a Lyrik Solo Air for the past year and a half on my Moment. This has been a great fork for the type of riding I do, mostly rough technical with short downs and ups. The weight isn't bad for such a stout fork either. I used a Pike for a while but I really prefer the extra travel in the Lyrik.
Any bushing isses hardreef? Heard stories if forks developing play.
I ran a Talas 36 on my '06 Moment. 160mm felt too tall, 130mm felt to short. Wished for a 140mm setting. Swapped it for a Van 140 and was happy.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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