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Lyrik forks on 2008 Nomad X-9 kit

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My local bike shop has a great deal on a 2008 complete Nomad with the X-9 AM kit. It comes with the quick release, 1.5" Lyrik Air 2-step fork. Is this model year a good reliable fork? I have read mixed reviews on these forks and wanted more opinions. Have the early issues with these forks been resolved on this model? It seems some people love them, while others have had nothing but problems.
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My friend races Avalanche Enduro type comps and he has blown two, has changed to coil Lyric no problems.
I have that fork and after a complete rebuild from SRAM it's awesome. I bought mine used and it started leaking from the mission control and the 2 step wasn't working. Now it's like brand new and all done free of charge. SRAMs customer service is great. The only thing it cost me was about a week of downtime. I would to for it if I were you.
it seems that the 2-step cartridge is more reliable than it used to be, but is still not perfect. i really think the lyrik solo air version is the best fork available for the nomad2, w/ the coil version a close #2.

fortunately you can easily convert the 2 step air to the solo air version. the shop or RS can do it.

as i posted elsewhere, i have found that if you understand how to set up the bike right in terms of cockpit geo, there really is no need for a travel adjust even if you ride very steep climbs. this is one of the things i like the most about the nomad2 geo...
I have a 2009 NomadMKII with a 2009 RockShox Lyric Two Step Air 160mm on it. I have had NO PROBLEMS with this fork. I know 2007,2008 models had some kinks in them when it came to the Two Step. I spoke to RockShox awhile back,they said the problem has been fixed. I have both a Lyric and a 2009 Fox Talas RC2 1.5 160mm on my 2099 Intense Tracer Vpp. Both great forks.
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