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Lyric on 09 dawg

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Thought about this for a while, and finally made the dream a reality the other night. Bought an 09 Lyric Coil U turn, installed her, and love the switch so far. I am coming off four seasons with the Pike (coil version), so I am familiar wih the feel. The Lyric is like my Pikes bigger brother.
Been out on a couple trail rides, feels great in 160 mode and like a burlier Pike in 145 mode. I felt as if I was pushing the Pike beyond its limitations on some dh stuff and tech sections at speed. the Lyric was the aswer I was looking for.

Have no idea about geometry numbers and BB heights as of yet, but things are feeling real good to me.
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And you have pics to prove this claim?

Just kidding but pics is always snice.
the 4chan pics or bs for everything is getting annoying..

i have an 08 dawg and would love to toss a lyric on it! great choice.
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