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Lynn Woods Update 11.22.05 "Thanks for your support"

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The 05 biking season in Lynn Woods is soon coming to an end and we all look forward to the 06 season. Lynn Woods Park Management and Water & Sewer Commission are pleased with this past years trail maintenance and look forward to continuing these efforts next year.

I want to thank all that attended each and/or multiple trail days. Without YOUR support, none of this could happen. With winter approaching, we plan on meeting with Park Management and Water & Sewer Commission to finalize and approve trail days for next year.

Major trail projects planned (but must be approved) for 06 are the following:

  • Development of new trails above the baseball field designed to have FLOW with downward descends toward the start of Overlook trail (Section E5-1 in Lynn Woods Map).

  • A new legal trail designed to get bikers down from Bow Ridge (near the angry neighbor trail).

I look forward working with all riders, groups and organizations that want to make Lynn Woods safe and fun for all users and rider levels.

See you all in the trails…

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No thanks goes to you.

Without your hard work and planning none of the great improvements would have happened.

Thanks for getting the ball rolling, hopefully your further plans will meet approval.

What Greg said.

I really apprecite the all hard work you and you crew have put in. Next year I hope to actually make it to a work day, instead of getting turned around and missing the meeting time.

As a small penance, I (with Greg's help) removed 4-6 blow downs.
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