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Regardless of rain, we (Lynn Woods Maintenance Volunteers) were able to complete our first trail maintenance project.

This project was completed around the swamp area near the Wolf Pits. Many who ride in Lynn Woods know that there is a loop trail where Spacemonkey jump and the Spine is located that wraps up around the Weetamoo Cliffs (Look at Lynn Woods Map for Location). This trail leads back to the Wolf Pits and the main fire road (OX Pasture Road). However before reaching the main fire road, it requires bikers to cross through a swamp.

This path around Weetamoo Cliffs leading towards the Wolf Pits is not and official trail, however Lynn Woods Park Management has agreed to keep this PATH (not Trail) open to bikers providing we do not ride through the Swamp Area. This swamp plays an important role in filtering fresh water before running underground toward Meeting House Swamp and Walden Pond.

Today this path was re-routed towards the legal trail coming from checkpoint 5 (no official Trail name at this time) toward checkpoint 2. This section had been clearly cut and marked with a large fallen tree that has been moved to block the swamp area accompanied with temporary signs posted to direct bikers toward the legal trail. The path entrance on the opposite end of the Swamp near the main fire road has been covered with leafs and dead branches.

We ask all riders to respect this swamp area and not ride through it! By preserving this area we (the biking community) are given the right to keep riding the PATH around Weetamoo Cliffs.
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