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Do to last years rumors regarding the closure of Lynn Woods to mountain bikers, some local bikers have decided to work with the Park Management to ensure that Lynn Woods will be a riders spot for years to come.

During this past winter, local riders have met with Lynn Woods Park Management to discuss some changes that need to happen in Lynn Woods. Such changes include but not limited to communication postings and trail maintenance programs on a local level.

NEMBA has done much in New England for the mountain bike community. We feel that NEMBA can not handle everything throughout New England; particularly on a local level. So "WE" (local Lynn bikers) have decided to help both the Park Management and NEMBA. Park Management is pleased and looks forward for some much need Trail attention this coming year.

You will see periodic threads during this season providing trail updates, trail maintenance dates and general communication postings such as "Lynn Woods Update 04.19.05".
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