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We at Dieselbikes want to wish everyone the best for 2006. As many of you know, but for anyone who does not know, Lynn Woods is officially closed to biking until April 15th. We have posted a count down clock for opening day at Lynn Woods on our homepage.

We are currently working with Lynn Woods Park Management on approval for 2006 trail projects and NEMBA to aid in the implementation of these projects once approved. We are excited with these trail projects and believe with great confidence Park Management will approve them. As these projects become approved, you (mountain bike community) will be the first to know.

As a side note, the City of Lynnfield is currently trying to conduct a land swap with the City of Lynn. This land swap (if approved) would affect trail areas near the Naked Fish, Nissan Car Dealership and the former Big Dog. At this point in time, it does not appear such a land swap will happen, but once we have collected more information, we will post it under our NEWS section on

As always, thank you for your support!

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Land Swap Article

Here's some more info on the land swap from The Daily Item: I hope this stays on the drawing board and out of Lynn Woods!!!!!!!!

Clancy calls land-swap deal absurd
By Brad Harrison
Friday, December 23, 2005

LYNNFIELD - Althoughit received overwhelming approval by Town Meeting last fall, the proposed land-swap deal designed to increase the commercial tax base in town lacks the approval of one key party - the City of Lynn.

And, Lynnfield probably isn't going to get it anytime soon.

"Not as long as I'm in the mayor's chair," Lynn Mayor Edward 'Chip' Clancy said Thursday. "As far as I'm concerned, it's dead on arrival."

While that may come as bad news to Lynnfield's efforts to increase the tax base, it's not a crippling blow.

Selectman Robert MacKendrick said that the important first step - rezoning along Route 1 to make the area more business-friendly - has already been accomplished.

"It would have been nice to swap the land, but it's not the only plan we had," MacKendrick said.

The architect of the land-swap deal, Town Administrator William Gustus, is unavailable this week to comment on the Lynn mayor's dislike for the plan.

The essence of the plan is to swap a parcel of conservation land - the former Kallenberg quarry, which abuts Lynn Woods - for land owned by the Lynn Water and Sewer Commission that has Route 1 frontage, making it desirable for commercial development.

After swapping the land, the town of Lynnfield would then sell the parcel to a commercial interest for development.

Because the conservation land has almost no market value, the town would then pay Lynn the profit from the sale of that parcel.

"It's absurd," Clancy said of the proposal, which most agree is complicated.

The Lynn mayor said he could not see any benefit for his city, and would not agree to it at a later date.

MacKendrick was not surprised by the news. "This wasn't the thing we were counting on to get us ahead," he said."Maybe this will be a good thing for us, and prompt us to take other approaches."

The land-swap proposal had rankled several Lynnfield residents, who were upset by the fact that the conservation land to be swapped had been given to the town by Gordon Kallenberg more than 40 years ago, and was now being used as currency.One of the opponents to the proposal, Ruth McMahon, is the niece of Gordon Kallenberg. McMahon could not be reached for comment.

I like to ride my bike.
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Me confused....

I missed the last day to ride there, so the next day we hiked on the left side.
But I read on the sign where things are posted that wolf pits or bow ridge is being sold to lynnfield for development. Sorry if you explained this already. :confused: But is that the land that this whole thing is over. Cuz if it is, well that is what Lynn woods is famous for. :confused: I'm really p!55ed because I never got the chance to ride on that side too much and I was looking foward to the summer to ride on that side. PS I live in lynnfield, read the paper and from my awful memory,.........I though they said the deal went through and that development was starting. PS. I saw your movie trailer, andI will buy it once I have more $$$$.

-Thanks :)
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