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LX disc brakes

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It's time to rebuild my hayes 9's. So I was looking at options and the older LX brakes are cheaper than the rebuild kit for the hayes.

My question though is if they are enough for DH. My bike is 43 pounds and I am a heavy brake user (read wimp) so not sure how the LX would hold up. I've never had a problem with brake fade or anything like that and my AM bike is has Juicy 3's which are supposedly really weak, but have been fine for me.

Anybody used these on their DH bike?
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I use them on a Sette Venom freeride bike at Diablo in NJ. I have never had an issue in the 2 years I've been running them. LX and Hone are the same caliper (for that period) and stop my 240lbs pretty good. The XT/Saint for that period were monoblock (one piece caliper) but I figure if other Brands like Avid can use 2 piece, I would not notice.
Yeah 2 peice caliper but a upgrade from the hayes for sure
Buy the best you can afford. The problem with buying older components is they become obsolete pretty fast. There are lots of brakes available that are relatively cheap and pretty strong.
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