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I just oredered a trekking crankset (48/36/26) and new FD. When it arrived, the derailleur, M581, had options listed for a 44T or 48T chainring model. I was given the 44T model. Sounds simple, I was given the wrong one, right? Well, there may be more to it. The 44T model I got is for bikes with a chainstay angle of 66-69 degrees while the 48T model id listed for bikes with a 63-66 degree chainstay angle. Since my bike fits into the 66-69 range, will the FD work? When I called to ask about the difference, the suport guy had no idea there was an option. Anyone have experience with the 48T trekking crankset on a MTB? I will be setting it up tomorrow if it's worth a shot but I'll also need the bike on Monday so sending it back mid job isn't really an option.
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