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Public Service Announcement (for the ignorant like myself)

After bending and breaking 4+ XTR and XT cassettes I decided to save a buck and hopefully get a heavier but stronger solution by going with an LX cassette.

I didn't realize until it arrived that it isn't on a proper carrier.
Its actually it's a stack of cogs pinned together with spacers:

Its a single unit like a carrier unit so it's technically not separate cogs right?
Its Safe to use on the soft CK alu driveshell even though they say don't use separate cogs right?


I already had it in hand and needed to run it as my prev cassette was bent AGAIN! Now that it's time to change my rings and chain, the well worn LX had to go.

This sucka dug in and held fast. I couldn't get it to release even with 2 chainwhips. I called CK and they suggested pressing it off with a vise. That's what I did. I cut a piece of PVC pipe just a bit longer than the spline drive side, and put a strip of wood against the drive side and pressed it off. The new XT cassette still goes on and off just fine so it's quite usable...but I ordered a steel driveshell anyway. It's only a few oz heavier and this is for my bigger bike anyway.

I hope the New 5-arm XT cassettes hold up better, I'm tired of snapping this isht.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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