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the Luzerne Rail to Trail,

I started out at Coopers Seafood Waterfront Restaurant to the right is a concrete paved pathway, that leads to a riverfront, a nice fishing area, and a sight of the bridges and mountains in the distance.
The actual trail is to the left, it is made up of pea sized crushed gravel, surprisingly if I stayed on the upper part it was well packed, but only about a foot wide, if you drifted off that, the surface sucked all your speed away.
Just before the 1 mile marker, there is a plaque and a picture dedicated to the Knox mine disaster. Just a little further down on the right is a cleared out grove with 3 grave markers, man I'm allways finding a cemetery on the trail!
The end came much to soon, the trail at this time is only 2 miles long (short), I tried going beyond the trail, but it was a muddy mess, I turned around went back to the starting point, and tried to take that further, I made it about a mile before that to became to hard to ride, it was all those track ballast stones.
I wasn't satisfied, so I went and did the dike system, all in all a 12 mile day, not bad
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