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Lupine Tesla 4

LightPriceClaimed LumensRuntime Battery TypeLight head weightBattery WeightInstalled WeightLumens per gramLumens per dollar
Lupine Tesla 4$488.007003 hrsLithium Ion98g220g320g2.191.43


The Lupine Tesla is completely new design from these light wizards from Germany. It extremely compact with a single Seoul Z-Power P7 LED emitter that puts out 700 lumens. It is complemented by an equally small 4.5Ah Li-ion battery tha provides three hours of burn time on full power. Three levels of brightness are accessible from the lighthead mounted switch. And a flashing mode is mode is available for commuter riding.

The switch on the rear of the light unit allows switching through the available light settings, and remains illuminated for easy location during night riding. This switch also acts as a low-battery warning light by changing color. In our previous test, Lupine lights were impressive but we thought the remote, handlebar-mounted switch was unnecessary and caused handlebar clutter. Thus we were very pleased to see this light mounted switch that was one of the easiest to operate in all the lights we've tested.

Beam angle is 13° with a very clean and well defined light halo or outer illuminated area. There is also a bright, but not harsh spot in the center of the beam pattern. This worked extremely well on the trail as a wide swath of trail was illuminated while the spot threw light very far into the trail. The total weight is a 320 grams.


The Lupine Tesla measured 51 Lux on our light measurement setup. This is just below the Light and Motion Seca Race at 52 Lux and just above the Exposure MaxxD at 48 Lux. The comparison table is available here:

The Tesla's real strength however is its beam pattern. The halo is very wide and well-defined. And the center spot is just the right size and throws the light very far. As you can see in the beam pattern here, it's not the brightest light but it is extremely clean and usable. Coupled with its weight, size and ergonomics, this light is just right.


  • Perfectly sized package makes it versatile for all mounting applications
  • Light is extremely bright and wide
  • Switch and electronics are very easy to operate
  • Excellent packaging and carrying case
  • Cool operation with outstanding run time


  • We continue to be unimpressed by this mounting system. It is simple to a fault since it's not so easy to install or aim.

Bottom Line:

This is perhaps our favorite light of the year. The performance, packaging, reliability and ease of operation is perfect. And get this, it's affordable!

Beam Pattern Photos:

Lupine Tesla 4

Beam Pattern rollover and side by side comparison page available here.

Value Rating:

5 out of 5 Stars

Overall Rating:

5 out of 5 Stars

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