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Lumicycle LEDSYSTEM 3

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Took delivery of my Lumicycle LEDSYSTEM 3 lighthead today.
Looks very smart and offers an amazing 850 lumne light output in the highest stand with its 3 LED lights.
I plugged it into my NiMH battery - I have been using a Lumicycle HID Halide for 6 years now and after setting the LED system into NIMH mode I could make myself familiat with it.
It has 4 power modes ( , switching between them is done by toggling the switch either upwards or down.
Powering down is achieved by holding the toggle down for more than one second.
I'm looking forward to ride out with this light. Its a 6 degree spot unit (Lumicycle also offers a 13 degree 'flood' lighthead which is unsuited for commuting because of its blinding white wide beam. Check here for the difference between spot and flood beams
Some pictures of the unit.

Back of Unit

Front of Unit

Comparison with Halide System on the left

Beam pictures will follow when I have the opportunity to ride out with it, probably on some weekday next week.
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Here is an idea of the light output at the different settings. I made these with a D2X and a 28-70 f2.8 lens set af f3.5. I stopped it down afterwards in Nikon Editor to have the same intensity of background sky. This might not be optimal but it gives an idea of the beam color and intensity. I also included a comparison shot of the 40W HID Halide (which has a 13 degree beam as compared to the LedSystem3 6 degree beam.
As you can see the Halide has a cooler lightcolor, I find the LedSystem3 light color more natural





this is the Halide (40W HID - 13 degree beam)
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whoa thats nice, even on low it puts the HID to shame
Hi, great light. thanks for the beamshots.

Greetings - Saludos

Looks like a quality light but 850 lumen sounds something like the MCFA (Magical Chinese Factory Adjustment), only I guess its MBFA. I don't think its possible to get 850 lumens from three Cree XRE R2 when you consider the BIN in the lab vs real world and actual efficiency of the optic. Probably really around 700-750 lumen as that what other brands (nightlightning, HIDTech, etc) are doing with Triple R2 at 1000ma.
Agreed, but the 850 lumens is only produced during the overboost mode which is shut automatically after 3 minutes. There is a lot of electronics involved . I'm curious as to how the light will stand up during heavy usage.
The normal high output is 750 lumens which is a lot already, as can be judged from the beam shots
I've just taken delivery of mine, looks very nice and solid, will be out later, I have just sold my Ayups, so will be able to compare, the boost button can beheld down for two seconds to over ride the standard three minute set up if you needed to. Most of my mates have ayups and when with them on group rides will lowere the settings to match theirs.
I haven't had any use or need for an extended burn time for the overboost yet.. which is bright enough to lighten a landing strip ;)
Just back from a 2 hour 20 minute ride, and like any new thing its great, for the value for two lamps and long burn time, I used most of the time the overide for even the fir road which really was very much overkill. So the real technical stuff were very much at daylight speed which is what I needed. compared to the ay ups. obviously they're brighter by a long shot but until my group ride I will then match their power out put. Anyone know if I have a helmet hero on top what the output would be like?

The garage is 40 tyards away and this is after a 2 1/2 hours and couldnt get any decent pics out in darkest Brechfa.


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