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Lube for sticking XT Caliper Pistons

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My XT disc brakes tend to stick sometimes, and I read how to clean the caliper pistons and lube them with Mineral brake fluid or Silicone Grease. I can't find brake fluid or Silicone grease but I did find some Permatex Ultra Disc Brake Caliper Lube at the local auto parts. Its a Synthetic Lubricant and it says it will not attack rubber and can be used on pistons and rubber sleves and seals. Has anyone tried this to lube XT caliper pistons? If so does it work?
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I'm not saying use it but I'm pretty sure it could work just fine. Any light lube that wont attack the seals should potentially do the job. I used some Finish Line wet weather chain lube a year and a half ago and the brake still works fine and hasn't sticked since. But it shouldn't be so hard to find some Shimano brake fluid, a lot of those brakes are sold and some people and bike shop do bleed them.
I have used something similar on my Hayes/Avid systems. It should work fine for your Shimano brakes.
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