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I tried to get an answer for this question on the Mezzer forum with no luck.

Can lower leg bushing height be modified in modern forks? If one would use the fork with way less travel than the manufacturers maximum, could the lower bushing be inserted deeper into the lower legs in order to gain longer distance between the top and bottom bushings. For example 180mm max travel fork used only in range of 120-150mm of travel you could lower the bottom bushings by 30mm?
Are the fork lowers tapered or straight on the inside? Some say that the bushing tightness could be adjusted by changing bottom bushing height by a couple of millimeter on some fork but I don’t know it that’s true.

What I’m trying to gain here is increased bushing overlap. Is this procedure possible or is it even worth it or can the overlap only be gained by using longer bushings instead of increasing the distance?
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