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Low weight high traction tire ?

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Looking for some more traction on the front wheel tire (29er). Currently have the crossmark, which is a great tire, but I think of it as fast rolling one.

Would like to keep the same weight range - 600g - was thinking of the Ignator, will it give more traction?

Any other tire ideas?
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If you want a really high traction your going to gain some weight. I use the Mountain Kings and they rock. They also have Race Kings and other assorted more expensive models that still maintain some great grip. I love the conti's. I used to race with crossmark's though, they seem to me to be a middle line between a low resistance ( small block) and a medium resistance tire. I havent used the ignitor sorry.
I'd like some low-fat great tasting chocolate cake.
I like the Spec Captain. ...or the Rampage...
I can't say anything about the crossmark, but I like both the ignitor and rampage. Rampage has slightly better traction, but the ignitor feels faster and is what I race on. The rampage is larger, so I prefer it on my rigid ss.
i've heard good things about racing ralphs... guess it depends on your definition of "high" traction
+1 for the rampage. Good tread, ramped knobs so it rolls well too.
+1 for the captain, works great less filling. stays inflated with stans notubes.
I would be interested to hear what some of the best sub 650 gram candidates are for high traction with low rolling resistance? Rampages are much too heavy for racing applications.
I love tire posts. Hope this helps in your search.

Michelin AT- Not good on the front. Fantastic foul weather rear tire.
Crossmark- I agree that it isn't a great front tire. Fast on the back though.
Fast Trak LK- Fast tire and good traction in dry conditions. Not an all weather tire.
Mountain King 2.2- Haven't tried the 2.4 but I don't like the 2.2 as a race tire because they are low volume and are slow. On the other hand, they are the KING of traction.
Ignitor- Better traction than the Crossmark and still fast, but VERY pressure sensitive. Could be a solid option.
Bontrager ACX 2.2- Very similar to the Ignitor but less pressure sensitive. Also, they are about the same weight as the Crossmark.
Ardent 2.25- My choice for a 29er front tire. Heavier than the Crossmark but fast and grippy. I noticed the a huge difference in volume/speed/shock absorption on my first ride. I run it 28 psi and tubeless.
You'd probably be better off asking this in the 29er forum.
I am surprised no one mentioned the Racing Ralph 2.25 (or 2.4). Light, supple, cushy and good traction (in dry conditions). However, the RRs have thin sidewalls.
7daysaweek said:
i've heard good things about racing ralphs... guess it depends on your definition of "high" traction
Got a RR on the front wheel and I really like it. Ignitor is also nice but the RR seems to roll a little faster.

Been running the RR in everything from dry dust in the summer to 6" of snow now. It's not working so well in the powder but even with a couple of inches of snow it still worked okay (with lot s of care thru the corners).
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