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Low Profile Shin/Calf Guards & New Helmet Questions

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Not sure where I should post this so I am posting it here since AM is the type of riding I mainly do. I am looking for some low profile shin guards. I don't necissarily need knee protection but I want to keep my shins and calves from getting eating up from my pedals when making less than graceful dismounts from the saddle. I am hoping to find something I can stash in a small pack while riding up the hill and then put on once I get up to the top. I would also consider wearing them all the time if I could find some that were not too bulky.

Well I'm at it I might as well ask about a better helmet as well. I am just using a general vented biking helmet at the time but as I am getting a bit more into jumping and stuff I am thinking that a helment that offers a bit more coverage may be in order. I don't think that a full DH helmet is in order but maybe a dirt-jump type helmet would make sense. However, as I stated, I ride up to get the goods so I need something that I won't overheat in also.

Any suggestions on the above two would be greatly appreciated.


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i can give you some input on the shin pads, go to your local sporting good store and pick up some soccer shin guards, they are awesome! Super thin but could take a bat to the shin, low profile and after a few mins you wont even know you're wearing them. Not to mention they are a quarter of the price. Some of them will have an ankle deal/strap that makes your ankles bulky, but you just cut that part off, and bam, perfect shin guards!
As for the shin/knee guards I bought some oneal MX ones that are REAL thin, and super light, but give the protection that I need, and I got a protec bmx style helmet as it protects more in the back.. and looks so much coola

x2 for sickspeed16, protec is [email protected]$$

dude, check these out. i currently have one and absoultely love it!!! takes the whole 'standard' bike helmet and throws it out the window. the think is siiick!
I have Dainese 3Xs, I like them ... pretty low profile, comfortable, stay in place. Not cheap, but sales happen.
Armour is a very individual preference thing. What I like may not suit others and vis-versa. I ride FOX elbow and leg armour. However I ride the leg armour with the knee strap folded to the inside. I have tried so many others with straps that cross the back of your knee and just cant get used to it.

I also use the FOX FLUX Freeride helmet. Best yet. I have a Giro Switchblade too but it just gets too hot.

Best advice, borrow friends and try them before you buy.

My 2 cents !!!
Thanks for the feedback. Not exactly what I was hoping to find concerning the shin protection but then again, I'm not even sure exactly what I was hoping for. That Pro-Tec Cyphon does look pretty cool. I may try to find one of those to try on. I've got a kind of big head so a lot of helmets don't fit all that great. As far as shin guards, I'll see what I can find at the soccer store, otherwise I guess I'll just have to go to the bike shop and pick out the least bulky of the bunch.

snm, if you can find the pro tec in an large (i believe thats as big as it goes) it will fit. its got the BOA technology so you can get a perfect fit. ive got quite the melon as well and the large fits me. i just turned the BOA as loose as it would go, got the helmet on and the straps where i liked it and then adjusted the BOA and now it fits like a glove :thumbsup:
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