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Low or High?

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Thinking about extremes here it better to put the weight high or low. For instance, in the worst case is it better to put batteries, toolkits, water bottles, etc. on the frame or in the Camelbak? Or should you just balance it out? My new frame does not have water bottle bosses so I need to reconfigure where my extra liquids and battery should go. I can think of trails that would work better with the weight in either location. This leaves me with the choice of a bigger seat bag or stuff it in a bigger Camelbak.
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Just stuff everything in your Camelbak, you're thinking about it too much! Besides, seat bags are massively uncool ;)
And some seat bags will contact the rear wheel under full compression on many full suspension bikes. A very small seat bag for a tube or such isn't too bad, but many seat bags don't work well on many FS bikes. I like having most of my gear in a Camelback. On some longer rides, I'll even have 150oz. of water in my Camelback, and even on some very technical trails, I don't notice any extreme weight or center of graviity issues. There's some personal preference issues that go on with where to put stuff, but I think many items attached to the bike can cause more problems on very rough and technical trails than the same amount of stuff in a Camelback.
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