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Low end or high end?

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Hey guys, just wanted to ask a quick question. Im looking to buy a new bike because mines falling apart and its not worth it to fix it as my bike was only $450. I just wanted to know if I should I buy a high end Rockhopper or a low end FSRxc? Their both about the same price and I just wanted some opinions.



Oh and any other bike suggestions would be highly appreciated dont want to limit myself to specalized.

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Depends on the type of riding you do in your area. Does it warrant having a full suspension bike? If not, then get the hardtail Rockhopper.
Oh well the riding I do is just slaloms nothing crazy really. But I was reading online earlier, I might want to get into some racing so is the hardtail still better on full suspension, oh and what do you ride?
What's your definition of slalom? You talking about slalom racing style riding with big berms and jumps or are you talking about just riding with lots of turns or something? If you're going to be slalom racing, you're probably looking at a DS bike with slack geometry and a bit of suspension. But if you're talking general riding, then any bike will do.

If you're talking XC racing, then you're back to the "where are you riding" question. If it's rough, full squish, if not hardtail all the way. But it all depends on your definition of racing and your expectations. You can race downhill on a rigid bike if you'd like, you just won't be competitive.

I personally have a hardtail because most of our riding here is pretty buffed. That being said, I'm picking up another full suspension bike this season (haven't had one in a few years) to take on some more of the trails I really like to do: rocky, technical, messes of a trail.
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actually, slalom doesn't have big jumps or berms, it has very small jumps and berms. Hardtails are the sh1t for slalom. But I agree neither of those bikes has good geometry for slalom.
I'd go with a stumpjumper hardtail like

but you should call a big specialized dealer and have him look up some closed out deals from 09 and get a nice hardtail with good componets.
between the two i'd get the rockhopper if your bike won't be doing jumps bigger than 1 foot. the rockhopper is light @ 26lbs, the FSR is about 30-32 lbs. much heavier and harder to steer and speed. you also wont need the larger suspension.

2 months ago i was researching that same exact RH so i know a lot about it, my lbs was able to sell me that for $1200 flat. But instead, i got the RH SL Pro for $1300 flat, a much better deal for better fork, and some other small components, but mainly the fork upgrade was worth $100.
Oh allright. Well I live in california so the riding im going to be doing are places like Big Bear and Orange County which is alot of downhill and jumps 3ft+. But the area I mostly ride in is just plain good old slaloms with no jumps whatsoever. Im thinking maybe just sticking with getting a deal on a 09 FSRxc. :D
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