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Low budget show review - Jack Ingram (For Cooter and other fans)

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I'll start with, it's TX and our trails aren't as good as many mountain states, but we have great TX country music. We have a lot of it.

My friend from Billings is down so he wanted to roll to River Road Icehouse to see Jack Ingram. So we did. Opening for Jack was Jarrod Birmingham (who is apparently a ranch kid from So TX). I had heard a couple of songs on XM by him, but wasn't familiar really. He was great. His guitar dude looked like Hank JR. His pedal steel guy looked like some dude from SNL, but they all rocked the f'n house. After a late start, JB played a ton of his own stuff and then tossed in a Chris LeDoux song, which is always welcome by me. The cat was just really cool. If you get a chance and like "Americana", check him out. I can't say he has a common sound, but it's not uncommon either. He sang about Nashville sucking (of course) and talked of how his only friends in Nashville were Axl Rose and Kid Rock. Funny.

After a bit, Jack Ingram was getting set to hit the stage. Unfortunately, in the meantime, (let's call him 'cowboy' and her 'pole dancer') a couple decided to rock down some moves. They play some crappy Travis Tritt song really loud and King and Queen Nascar decide to do a "pole" show. I see people pointing and laughing and I turn to see what's up. It's an ass on a 50ish woman, that is 50 lbs over weight, with a pair of short that are 300 lbs undersprung right in my face. (there is an upper portion to where I was, and I mean RIGHT in my face) I yelled "Dear God help me!!!" :eek: It was horrific.

Anyway - on to the second set. Jack Ingram came out with the "Beat Up Ford Band" and immediately started banging out tunes. I am pretty sure he spent the day rollin' and drinkin'. Way high energy. He sang some love songs. He sang about Barbie. He sang about laughing while a Mustang burned and he commanded a comet to strike us all dead. (OK - not really, but he had some incoherent, stoned rambling that made me think he was asking us to commit suicide together, a la "Hailey's Comet") The guy gets way excited and makes you have a good time.

Sure it's hot and the trails are rocky and the climbs are short, and the downhills are shorter, but we have some badass local music spots with urine filled troughs and great acts. We also have our fair share of chicks that are tatted up and shouldn't wear mini skirts, but we also have our fair share of hotties to go with it.

If'n you're ever so inclined to take in our culture here, come on down and rock some good ****ry with us. :thumbsup:

Hopefully my crappy reviews will become more common.
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hmmm the last good music i went to see was Skynyrd the 4th of July last on the Marine Corp Base Oahu. now i prefer our texas trails to hawaiis.

just got back from ft hood which had a torrential thunderstorm that lasted a couple hours. screw fireworks this year. ft hood throws the worst celebrations i know anyhow. shouldnt a wasted my time. and the worst part it looked like enuff water fell to wreck the trails for riding for a good week.
girlywhirly said:
Dude... Austin?

New Braunfels

It was just about an inch and a half, Pete.

I may roll to Lampasas to see Jarrod Birmingham again this Saturday.
well other years that i was here an inch would ruin BLORA for quite a while--then again it rained more often those years---so maybe since the ground was dryer things will be good to go more quickly--i hope.

loco-****** said:

It was just about an inch and a half, Pete.

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