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Loving my Misfit...

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Dissent 29er SS. I swapped out the Reba for a Kona steel fork and love the bike even more. Awesome handling with razor sharp steering. Being a big fan of steel, I thought I would NEVER ride another aluminum bike, but I have to say that this one is a keeper!


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Yep, lets see it posted up. What is your build?
Large Misfit Dissent frame
i9 Enduro hubs on WTB rims
Race Face Deus stem, post
Origin 8 carbon flat bar
BB7 brakes with Jagwire housing (as good or better as some of the hydros I've ridden)
Surly 20t steel cog (nice!)
Kona steel 29er fork (very good rigid fork for only $60. I've ridden many rigid forks over the past few years and this one is as good as some of the pricier forks i've had)
Another note about the fork: This bike was fun with the Reba, but with the rigid fork it is much more fun to ride and 2 lbs. lighter.
More pics

Some pics from the iPhone;)


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Sweet! I'm awaiting the arrival of the rest of my parts so I can get mine built up too - can't wait to ride her in the snow!
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