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Does anyone have any updates on the Loveland/ Ft. Collins conditions? Thanks
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Forget riding up here for a long time......on the dirt that is. Pueblo is the only dry place I know of.
I am here in Ft Collins, been dying for dirt, hate road riding, so...In the past 5 days I have tried:

1-1-10 Horsetooth fireroad, made it to the entrance to Wathen with very little walking, about 40% dirt, the rest ice & snow but 95% rideable. Wathen had no tracks, looked like two sets of footprints, just went up, then pinned it down, some nice drifts were to be had :thumbsup:

1-3-10 Maxwell, made it all the way up no worries, almost all ice/snow though, Shoreline was a no-go.

1-2-10 Blue Sky, my wife & a friend rode from Soderberg (on the road) to the entrance, made it as far as the Coyote entrance then turned around, ran out of daylight, said the trail was pretty fun, mostly snow, some dirt, they said they had fun though. :D

That's all I got for ya.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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