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wirk242 said he'll give us a tour of Corral Canyon. One thing he left out was that there was a ton of climbing that really helped me whipped back to shape. The weather was once again perfect with low 70's and the trails were also quite tacky. We pretty much had the trails all to ourselves except for one moto. We climbed up Espinosa trail all the way to our destination, The Radio Towers.

Let the climbing begin....ouch!

Ali climbing up Espinosa trail where i nearly died and immediately found out i am in worst shape than originally thought.

I stopped to catch my breath and i turned around and this is what i saw.

Nice looking rock, makes me think of rock climbing :)

Ali and Joaquin waiting for me in one of the stops.

More Climbing.

The lone tree.

Small fire from a distance.

Ahh finally we reached the Radio Towers.

Looking south: Otay Mountain and Lyons Valley Peak from a distance.

Looking East: Cuyamaca Peak, Middle Peak and Stonewall of the Cuyamacas.

The Windmills by Golden Acorn.

Let the Downhill begins. Ali here rips through the trails.

A brief stop at the Four Corners trail.

Wirk242 playing on the rocks.

More DH.
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