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Lotoja: Tips for Training?

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I'm planning on riding Lotoja next year (209 miles I believe). It will be my first endurance ride. Tips? It has a lot of climbing.
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I see you are new to MTBR. Are you looking to do your training on a mountain bike? If not, you may want to hit up the road bike forum since it is a raod race.

That being said, its not a bad idea to search through some of the previous endurance training threads on this site since often training is training. Many of the tips will hold true on road and mtn.
The race is all about legs, so I was hoping for some tips on building some leg power with the mt. bike as well. I am new to mtbr. I hadn't ridden mountain in about 10 years until this summer, and I loved it, so I think I'm going to start riding both. I'll look around the forum.. Thanks.
Best tip you'll get...

DZNuts!!! Lots of it !!

Chaffing sucks
A buddy of mine is a coach and has a LOTOJA package. Check out
For road bike riding it is hard to beat the UMCA web page. They have all kinds of endurance training tips including nutrition and equipment. They cover centruies to RAAM. There is also a google group.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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