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LOST - Wool jersey at Apex trail

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Hey all, I seem to have dropped a wool jersey somewhere on Apex early last week. It was lashed to my pack and must have fallen off. Anyway it is a longsleeve Woolistic Jersey, all black with grey racing strips and says Dirt Rag on the front, back and sleeves.

It has alot of holes in it and is about to fall apart but it has tremendous sentimental value.

Yesterday was the first time I had a chance to run up the trail for:rolleyes: recon and I came up empty handed. If you've seen it, please PM me or hang it on one of the trail signs.

FYI, the trail was frozen:rolleyes: the day I rode it, but thanks to all the folks who've been tearing it up recently.
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Damn, that is a bummer I have always wanted that jersey! Hopefully it will turn up
Side note!

Watch out people! My shirt "Knotted" to my top tube, came loose on a long fast downhill. You can only guess where it landed. Careful.
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