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Thanks for all of your feedback to my previous thread about "losing that lovin' feeling/passion." All very good ideas, and very validating. Fortunately, with a little help of my VISA card, mine is flowing once again.

I went out and bought a relatively inexpensive Fuji Tahoe 29er Comp yesterday, and thoroughly enjoyed its maiden voyage today out in the Santa Monica Mtns (El Caballero singletrack up to Dirt Mulholland, "The Hub" and back).

I bought this bike, in part, out of curiosity to see if the 29er rave is all hype, or if there is something to it -- I found it to be the latter. First off, this is what could be considered the "base model" in this line, but there are only 2 above it; of course, with more chi-chi components. But, surprisingly, the 2 higher models' weights are not significantly different from the Comp's: about 1.5 pounds and 2 pound lighter.

The cockpit feels markedly different, refreshingly different. It's a little strange staring at such a huge front wheel when you're riding the bike. The next thing you (I) notice is that the bike is remarkably smooth and riding over rocks does, in fact, feel like you're "rolling" over them: less jarring, less slowing down, a more "plush" feel, which is interesting given that this is a hardtail.

The bike handles very nicely: a very well balanced ride, with very pleasant manners on climbs (excellent traction) as well as descents (you can fly on this baby because the 29" wheels/tires provide you a smoother, more controlled ride). Cornering, too, was also very good.

The RockShox Dart 3 29er w/Lock out, 80mm travel is a pretty basic fork, no chi-chi qualities to it. But, it seems to work pretty well -- will have to look up its technical info to see about lubing, etc.

After its first ride, I installed my clipless pedals and had the 11-32 cassette switched out for a 11-34, which should give me more of a break when pedaling this 31.87 lbs. hardtail up them thar hills.

I have a feeling that this is going to be my regular mtb bike from now on. It gives me a great work-out, and a slightly different, and refreshingly new, riding experience due to the 29" wheels. And, my buddy gave me a Wilderness Pass, so I'm going to start riding some new trails to mix up my routine.

Would it have been nice to rekindle my mtb'ing passion w/o having to buy a new bike? Yes, but sometimes it takes something new and different to find that passion again. Heck, I've already installed some new lights that I bought today as well, and am going to be taking a night ride around my hills in a little while. It's all good ...

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