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lost in translation

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ok guys. heres the deal, ive been meaning to ask this for a while but always forgot to.
I "think" bearings are roughly translated to "baleros". (were talking bike suspension here)
Im not 100% sure on that one but its probably right... for example: if I go to my LBS for a fs bike maintenance I might need to change the pivot bearings... so id have to say "cambiale los baleros"... rigth?

the problem is my FS rig doesnt have bearings, it has "bushings" and I have no idea what the translation for that would be. (I know: use a dictionary, but i thought id get a more bike specific answear if i asked here)
so next time I need to grease my bushings I might ask properly instead of having to point to the zerks and say "could u squirt some grease here, here, here and... here)
thanx guys
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The answer is: bujes

But is best if you just tell the guy to "engrasale las chafaldranas por el huequito ese"

Or better yet, buy a grease gun and grease kit and do it yourself! I have one and its fast and easy.


Mada is spot on. Mada, please correct me if I'm wrong... But don't you have to loosen up a bit the joint to inject the grease, sol old grease can come out along with any dirt that found its way in?

If so, you'd love to do it yourself... rather than having someone to screw up your bujes.
yeah, i figured id buy the grease gun eventually 8dlls at jenson plus another 8 for lube.
Im going to visit my grandma in texas next weekend; gonna pick up a couple of saddles I ordered for my gf and I as well, but i forgot to order the grease gun. Ill see if i find one at the LBS while in texas (dont really think they will have one).
however the guy at my LBS (in puebla) didnt charge me last time I needed a quick lube (helps I do plenty of bussiness with him) so im thinking I might not need it as bad
thanx guys
My recomendation is to get it directly from Turner, it will cost you around $20 and you get the bent needle that helps to get to those hard to get zerks. And no, you don't need to loosen up anything to grease the bushings, its pretty cool how maintenance free Turner frames are! :thumbsup:
Many people say "casquillos " or "casquillos de fricciòn " , according with Turner the bushings are better that bearings (I am not agree) , the Turner main reason is that with bushings get better and minimun tolerances (less play in the pivots )save weigth, and easy maintenance and long lasting life .

I remember that ten or fifteen years ago the full suspension bikes had bushings , with the time ,more and more bikes appears with bearings.

Is much more easy to get bearings that bushings (ok. in Mèxico )

the last biker
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