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I had a great ride on Lewis River today, unfortunately I left my camera up there somewhere. It dropped out of my bag within a couple miles of the upper trailhead at the bridge where the road crosses the river.

I know it's a long shot, but if anyone finds a Sony Cybershot or hears about somebody finding one, please PM me with any information. I'll be taking my kids out there tomorrow for a hike and to post a couple signs.

I'm bummed about the camera for sure, but it's replaceable. What really bums me out is that I caught a sweet video of Christian doing a wheelie drop from a log ride, along with quite a few other pictures:madman:

Other than that it was a great day to be out on the trails. Lewis River is in great shape, save a couple spots with logs over the trail, but there has been some work done. There is a huge landslide that took a big chunk of trail over the cliff around mile 7 (from Curly Creek TH), but follow the pink flags for a brief hike-a-bike and your back on solid trail.

We turned around just shy of the Falls at mile 10. We were limited on time, otherwise we were hoping to make it to at least the Lower Falls. The difference in elevation from the lower trailhead to where we turned around is about 650 feet, yet we climbed a total of 2250 feet. This trail does a lot of up and down so you really have to work for it, but it is fun and challenging:thumbsup:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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