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Yesterday afternoon, I took my mother on the classic Spooner to Marlette to Flume ride. I also took along my nice Nikon digital SLR to get some photos. Unfortunately, and I have no idea how this happened, my camera, which was inside a camera case, fell out of my backpack somewhere between the Spooner Lake parking lot and the beginning of the Flume trail. Most likely, it fell out somewhere on the fire road.

It's a long shot, but if anybody found it, I'd be eternally grateful and would reward the finder with beer, wine, or cash. It's not a super-duper high-end camera, but it's the only one we have and there are nearly 400 very important family photos on it that we haven't uploaded yet.

(I've already spoken with the Spooner Lake Ranger Station and the bike shop at Spooner. But if anybody has any other suggestions, I'd love to hear them.)
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