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lost bolts????

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i recently lost the mounting bolts for my avid juicy brakes.... not rotar's-

does anyone know what they are called and where i can order replacements? with the washers too?

i checked the ususal places and all i can find are rotar bolts replacement packs...

thanks in advance...
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Google avid cps hardware kits or something like that, should be pretty easy if your local bike shop doesn't stock them...

i just figured that out and all the places on-line are out of stock until after christmas.....

and all my local shops dont have any in stock and dont carry spares...(kind of hard to believe but what the fu*k ever)

anyone know of another version i could use from lowes or homedepot.... or am i better off not using sub's????

could the cup washers be that hard to find?
you could probably replace the cup washers with stuff from a v brake pad. bolts from the hardware store. i forgot if they are m5 or m6 thread
M6 bolts, and yes the CPS washers are virtually the same as V brake cup washers, just to give some slight angle adjustment when fitting.

In stock according to the website as I type, both standard and 185mm post mount hardware.
All you have to do is look a little
price point -

price point can suck my balls..... their stock is always wrong....
I usually call rather than order online and haven't had any problems with them for the past couple years other than they didn't want to price match some tires a couple years ago.

Did you check with them and they are out or do you just refuse to deal with them?

There's some places I won't order from because of attitude or poor service in the past. Once burned twice shy.

jenson is my store.... almost all others have wronged me and didnt try to fix it.... actually greenfish is pretty good... but they are out as well...
Good luck then. From your initial posts I didn't know you were that locked into a single supplier.

It's kind of odd that your local shop doesn't have them in stock. My local wrench had a drawer full of extras.

I've had good results from Jenson, Pricepoint, Performance, AEBike, Universal Cycles and even Nashbar although I haven't found a good set of shoes in my size from Nashbar since my Diadora Raptors.

Suburban Sports is about the only one I've tried to deal with who didn't have much in the way of a clue.
for some reason----

the lbs shops up here are kinda douchey, i think.....or just mad or something..... i called 6 that are with in 30-40miles and they all said that it would have to be ordered....

and i replied "dont you guys fix bikes?"

and they acted like they didnt hear me and just repeated that it would have to be ordered....and they have no such extra parts for

i finally stretched my lbs search to 60-70miles away and this old guy answered the phone and was like, " im sure we do, come on down and you can search though my bolt and washer bucket..."

to bad its soooo far away... gonna buy all my **** there...

oh well, thanks for replys...
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hardware grade 5 (better SHEAR strength) and wave washers .... no waiting, prob. cheaper.....
How do you use the wave washer as a CPS cup type washer?
Wow. It sounds like you're an ass. Maybe that's why the LBS is not doing everything they can to help.

Get some bolts from the bikeshop. They should have bolts that attach a v-brake to the boss. That's the same thread as the Avid CPS bolt. And the conical washers are the same as v-brake hardware.
did you read post 12?

thanks for the suggestion, will

what would I do with out your brilliant ideas????

I DID ask for bolts (as in purchase) that would work and they wouldn't budge... just told me they would have to order it..... you dumb dick
Bikinfoolferlife said:
How do you use the wave washer as a CPS cup type washer?
ah didnt realize they where cupped/special washers..... so ya would have to look a bit harder for those...... but the bolts can still be ACE grade 5 bolts......
I'm sorry that I provided alternative ideas for the bolts that nobody had offered.

You asked for the Avid bolts, you did not say that had specifically asked for the v-brake boss bolts. How does that make ME dumb? Or a dick? It does not seem that you know much about bikes, so it would be fair to assume that you would not know that CPS bolts are the same as v-brake boss bolts.

Also... how does asking equate to purchasing? These are not synonyms.

Yes. You are a dick. Your personality is abrasive. Your flagrant language is unnecessary and makes you sound unintelligent. People don't like to have to deal with assh0les. Are you a child? If not, stop acting like one. If so, better tell your parents the nasty things you say on the internet.

This is not the first time that you have been rude to me when I have tried to offer a solution or an answer to your question. You can be sure this is the last time I will try to help.
thanks for the help will - here's an update****

I do remember you will, but dont remember arguing with you in the past.... I appreciate any and all help from anyone here....

anyways -

turns out the shop that offered to sell me spare bolts is the best in north florida....

(although they seem to be specialized whores), not that I hate specialized, just prefer other brands......

they have tons of bikes, tons of parts, extremely helpful and they weren't pissy when I told them I purchased parts online or at other stores..... ended up spending 100.00 when i only needed 2.00 bolts.....

too bad its 35 miles away.....

Schwinn Lake Shore
2108 Blanding Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32210-4102

(904) 264-3000
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