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Lost at Nationals:

Hey everyone, I apparently left my other two photo memory cards in the grass, in a plastic ziploc bag, on the right side looking up the hill at the downhill, towards the finish line, probably near the 50 yard mark. We looked again, but couldn't find 'em, so, I'm hoping since there's a lot of pics in those, and I had to leave early, due to feeling sick from the heat, you all might help me out.

If you've found these, or know who has,

Please, Please, pm or talk to me so I can get them back. I doubt anyone would use them for their own purposes, and already have attempted to contact Infinion. I just want 'em back because there's a lot of shots of friends/etc in there I wanted to put up for all to view.

Thanks for the Help in Advance!!


p.s. they're the Canon 256K type-thanks!!
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