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Loss of pressure

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I ride a Giant XTC on Kenda SB8. I keep them heavily inflated (pretty hard, my pressure gauge came up missing so I'm not sure on the exacts) but it seems after just riding to work and back I end up with tires deflated to the point i ride them for the trails and not the road. I'm a big guy (210lbs) but is it normal to need to keep repumping the tire EVERY time i hop on and ride the 1km to work? It seems like this problem is much more prevalent in the rear where i got a pinch flat a few weeks ago and replaced the tube. Thanks for any advice.
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do you have presta or schrader valves?
presta, sorry for not putting that up
are you closing the top of the presta valve after inflating the tube
Yeah, ive been rotating the nut down
you might take the tubes out and then fill them and submerge them in some water and look for any leaks
I'll check that, I'll also make sure I'm getting the nut good and secure too. Thanks
You got a slow pinch flat leak in the tube....

Sometimes at say 5 psi when you test a tube the little ***** won't open up and leak...

Pump the tube up as much as you dare, the listen for the leak, and dump it in the bath...

Might take a few times but you can find it.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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